Reasons Why You Won't be Given Social Amelioration Program


Hi guys.  Here is a video that I chose to translate from Binisaya into English.  The reason that I chose this is because the lines stat...

Hi guys.  Here is a video that I chose to translate from Binisaya into English.  The reason that I chose this is because the lines stated in this video uses simple Binisaya structure (about 75% of his speech, to say the least).   And most of all, it is a timely issue.  

If you are wondering what the SAP - Social Amelioration Program is, this is the subsidy that the national government of the Philippines under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte is doling out to the poorest of the poor families of the country, which is roughly 4,000,000.  It is similar to the $1200 that the Trump administration is distributing to the American citizens during the time of the Covid to help the people cope with the lockdown while they are unable to go to work.    

Problems regarding the SAP arose when the distribution of the SAP became anomalous.  Some families that deserved to receive it, were not given, while other families get more than what they should get.  Some would return the excess that they got, but this only goes to show that selection and distributing of SAP is very arbitrary, to say the least.  That is why a lot of funny SAP memes have been created by people to express their feelings of frustration about it.  

I hope this will be able to help you understand the vlog of Berns J who is a Visayan speaker.  His Visayan is Mindanao Visayan which is a mixture of many languages in the Visayan region and Luzon region.    The main differences of Mindanao Visayan and Visayan-Visayan are basically vocabulary, some affixes but we actually refer to this as variations only, not differences.  

I transcribed it first before I translated.  So it is kind of a long process, one that I really enjoyed doing.  

Maayong adlaw natong tanan, ‘no.

Good day to all of us, okay?

Pasensya gyud kaayo kung karon ra gyud ta nakahigayon og pa-press con.

Sorry that it is only now that we had a chance to hold a press con.

Parti kini sa programa sa Social Amelioration, kung nganong dili 

tanan matagaan.

This is about the program for Social Amelioration, as to why not all 

will be given.

Okay.  Mao kini ang mga rason.   Palihog ko og take down.

Okay.  These are the reasons.  Please take down.

Una, naay aircon ang inyong balay.

First, your house has an aircon.

Ikaduha, naka-postpaid plan ka.

Second, you are on postpaid plan.

Ikatulo, naa moy TV plus ug cable TV.

Third, you have a TV plus and cable TV.

Ika-upat, naa moy wifi.

Fourth, you have wifi.

Ikalima, flat screen ang inyong TV.

Fifth, your TV is flat screen.

Ika-unom, naka-subscribe ka sa Netflix.

Sixth, you subscribe to Netflix.

Ika-pito, naay placemat ang inyong lamisa.

Seventh, your table has placemats.

Naay bidet ang inyong CR.

Your toilet has a bidet.

Nag-post ka og Starbucks ug nag-My day ka og milk tea.

You posted about Starbucks and your My Day was about milk tea.

Ika-trese, Gardenia ang brand sa inyong sliced bread ginapalit.

Thirteenth, the brand of sliced bread you buy is Gardenia.

Butangan nimo og Downy ang inyong mga nilabhan.

You put Downy on your laundered clothes.

Purefoods or Virginia ang inyong hotdog nga ginapalit.

Purefoods or Virginia is the hotdog that you buy.

Naa kay stock nga palaman sa inyong balay.

You have a stock of spreads in your house.

Spaghetti ug dili pansit miki ang inyong handa kung naay birthday.

You prepare spaghetti or if not pansit miki if there is a birthday.

Dili nimo gatungaon ug ikatulo ang  kojik soap.

You don’t divide the Kojik soap into three.

Sigi ka padeliver og Grab o Food Panda sa inyong balay.

You always have a delivery from Grab or Food Panda in your house.

Mag-washing ka kung maghapdos ang inyong mga kamot.

You use the washing machine if your hands are sore.

Mangaway ka  og tindira kung dili ka mapansin diritso.

You fight with a storekeeper if you are not attended to immediately.

Naa kay mineral water dispenser, hot and cold.

You have a mineral water dispenser, hot and cold.

Iphone ang imong cell phone.

Your cellphone is an Iphone.

Nonstick ang inyong kalaha.
Your frying pan is nonstick.

Ug ang pinakalast ug pinakaimportante nganong dili mo matagaan 
sa Social Amelioration

And the last and most important why you will not be given the 

Social Amelioration:

Gisumbong ka’s imong silingan sa DSWD kay nakadungog nimo

nga magsakit ang imong kuto-kuto  kung mokaon ka og sardinas.

Your neighbor squealed on you to DSWD because he/she heard you
that your stomach aches when you eat canned sardines.  

Of course, guys, this is a satire and must be taken lightheartedly.  The video is meant to explain why you were not given the SAP in a funny way and sarcastic way.  However, Filipinos know there is a mystery on why others were given and others were not when clearly they were also deserving to get it.  


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Cebuano Teacher: Reasons Why You Won't be Given Social Amelioration Program
Reasons Why You Won't be Given Social Amelioration Program
Cebuano Teacher
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