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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cebuano Grammar: How to Express Actions That Will Be Done in the Future

                           Dodong:  Unsay imong buhaton ugma?
                                  What will you do tomorrow?

                    Inday:    Mokaon ko sa restawran.
                                  I will eat at the restaurant.  Ug ikaw?

                Dodong:   Moadto ko sa opisina.
                                 I will go to the office.

Dodong and Inday (the most common nicknames in Cebuano/Visayan) are talking about what each one will do tomorrow.   Pay attention to what "you" is used in the question and what "I" is used for the answers.    Also, what verbs and subjects go together.  Maayong pagtuon...

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