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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pattern 2: Useful Patterns to Learn Cebuano Fast

Awhile back we studied about Pattern 1.  Do you still remember the pattern?   Now, what we will do is we will turn those sentences into questions.  There are 2 ways to turn a sentence into a question in Cebuano.  If you are observant enough, you will discover what these ways are by yourself.        

        Ako                  si                              Miley.

           I                                                     Miley.

Q.    Ako                  si                              Miley? (The 

         intonation should be rising.)

         I                                                      Miley?  (Do you 

        notice that the verb 'am' is not present? ) 

      Siya                   si                               Selena.

       She                                                    Selena.

Q.  Siya                   si                               Selena? (The 

      intonation should be rising.)

      She                                                      Selena? (Again, 

      like the first sentence, the verb 'is' is not  present.)

     Siya                   si                               Harry.

     He                                                       Harry.

Q. Siya                   si                               Harry? (The 

     intonation should be rising.)

     He                                                       Harry? (The verb 

     'is' is not present.)

     Ikaw                  si                               Justin.

      You                                                     Justin.

Q. Ikaw                  si                               Justin? (The 

     intonation should be rising.)

     You                                                      Justin?  (The 

     verb  'are' is missing in the English equivalent.)

If you were paying close attention to the structure, from the original Cebuano statement to the English sentence until the English question, you will find out that the verbs  'am, is, are'  are not present in Cebuano language.  There is no equivalent for it in Cebuano. Try creating your own sentences and questions.

Good luck!!!  

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