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Friday, October 19, 2012

Tips on How to Learn Cebuano or Other Languages

We all have attempted to learn another language at one time or another.  Some of us may have been successful while others could barely say even the most basic expression in the target language.  It is really a challenging endeavor.    While it seems that some people struggle to learn a new language, there are others that easily acquire a new language.  Some people could even speak 5 languages fluently and I just envy them.  Don't you wish that you also have the same ability that they have in acquiring other languages?   Well, here are some tips that you could use if you wish to learn a new language.

1.  Start with the very useful expressions and practical lessons.   Start with greetings and polite expressions then you can progress to survival knowledge and simple statements that you can use daily.

2. Language is acquired faster when it becomes part of a routine.   So in order to master the language you are learning, not only do you have to memorize the patterns and drills, but also use it daily.

3.  Learn the correct pronunciation.   Native speakers might be amused at first at your funny pronunciation, but will grow tired of it and will think negatively if after many years you still mispronounce some words.   Also some words may sound awkward or inappropropriate if mispronounced and might cause trouble.  So prevent this from happening.  Ask a native speaker to help you pronounce words correctly.

4.  Use effective methods to  internalize the  lessons.   For example, you can label all items in your house, until you can memorize each one by heart.   After a few weeks, you can start removing them.  You can be teaching other family members in the process which is really cool too.

5.  Communicating should be your goal.  Perfection is secondary.  The current trend of language learning is not to focus on grammar but on how can a message be sent across with the limited knowledge of the language.   So your creativity will play a vital role here.

6,  Watch programs where the target language is used so that you can gauge your listening comprehension, and recognition of the spoken language.

7.  Try to master one pattern daily.   In 365 days, for sure, you will be able to look back and measure your improvement.  From zero knowledge to 365 patterns or 200 patterns or less.

8.  Enrol or get classes from a reliable teacher if you are really serious in mastering or becoming fluent in the language you are targetting to acquire.

No matter how challenging language learning is, there are still ways that will make it enjoyable for you.  Follow these tips and you will be surprised at how slowly but surely you are using the language.   Kitakits.

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