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Monday, September 1, 2014

Pattern 1: Useful Patterns to Learn Cebuano Fast

When I was learning another language, I tried to master vocabularies and grammar by learning one pattern a day.  Once I learned that pattern, I would just substitute it with other applicable words.  I always start with the simplest one:  

     Subject Pronouns +  Subject marker (personal)   +  Person's name.

        Ako                  si                              Miley.
           I                                                   Miley.

     Siya                   si                             Selena.

       She                                                    Selena.

     Siya                   si                             Harry.

     He                                                       Harry.

   Ikaw                     si                               Justin.
    You                                                       Justin.


  Questions to help you in analyzing:
   What is the function of 'si'
   Does it have an equivalent in English?
   Do you see any equivalent to the "are," "am," "is" verbs in 

   Try creating your own sentences.  I hope that the questions at the bottom were able to help you in analyzing some basic and simple Cebuano grammar.  See you next lesson.

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