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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Count in Cebuano

This topic is really something to think about.  Visayans often take for granted their native counting system in favor of the more popular Spanish counting system which is kind of sad because as a native Visayan, I believe we should all know our very own counting system even if we don't often use it.  It would be a shame if we are one of those who propagate its demise. This information is a translation culled from Visayan Dictionary, 1st Edition, by Akademiyang Bisaya, Inc. and from the facebook account of Taga Cebu


(Guide to Counting in Bisaya)

KAIPHAN (Numbers) 

Binagsa (Ones)

1 = Usa

2 = Duha

3 = Tulo

4 = Upat

5 = Lima

6 = Unom

7 = Pito

8 = Walo

9 = Siyam

10 = Napu o Napulo

Hignapulo (Tens)

20 = Kawhaan

30 = Katloan

40 = Kap-atan

50 = Kalim-an

60 = Kan-oman o Kaunom-an

70 = Kapitoan

80 = Kawaloan

90 = Kasiyaman o Kasiyam-an 

Gatos ngadto sa wakat (Hundred to Billion)

100 = Usa ka gatos

1,000 = Usa ka libo

10,000 = Napu ka libo

100,000 = Usa ka gatos ka libo

1,000,000 = Yukot

1,000,000,000 = Wakat 


Ginatos nga pag-ihap (Counting in hundreds)

888 = Walo ka gatos ug kawaloan ug walo 

Nilibo nga pag-ihap (Counting in thousands) 

3,456 = Tulo ka libo, upat ka gatos ug kalim-an ug unom 

Niyukot nga pag-ihap (Counting in millions)

9,127,677 = Siyam ka yukot, usa ka gatos ug kawhaan ug pito ka libo, unom ka gatos ug kapitoan ug pito.

Winakat nga pag-ihap (Counting in billions) 

5,700,678,500 = Lima ka wakat, pito ka gatos ka yukot, unom ka gatos ug kapitoan ug walo ka libo, ug lima ka gatos. 


(Terms in Elementary Arithmetic)

Pagdugang - Addition

Kakunhoran - Subtraction

Kabahinan - Division

Kapiloan - Multiplication 

So never should we, Visayans, claim that we don't have native terms for numbers beyond 10.  This is a misinformation because we do have.  The only problem is that we don't use them often.  

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