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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cebuano Grammar Feature: The Linker "ka"

After learning Visayan numbers which is normally used in counting 1 until 10 items, let us do some applications. Let us study the linker "ka". In Visayan, there are four linkers and they are used in creating descriptive phrases.

Analyze the following:

three cats
tulo ka iring

one day
usa ka adlaw

two dogs
duha ka iro

four months
upat ka bulan

five hours
lima ka oras

What comes after the Visayan number in these phrases?


That's right. The linker "ka" comes after a quantity.

Try doing the following in Visayan:

six days
seven years
eight dogs
nine gray strands of hair
ten hours

Send me your answers and I will tell you if you got them right.

The fourth one will be the topic of our next lesson.

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