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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cebuano Vocabulary: How to Tell Someone What Your Hobby Is

Part of the information that we often share with others is about our hobby or hobbies.   The word for hobby in Cebuano is 'kalingawan.'  Here are some of the most common 'kalingawan':

1. Cooking- pagluto
2. Playing soccer/basketball/tennis/billiards - pagduwa og soccer/basketball/tennis/billiards
3. Fishing - pangisda
4. Playing the piano - pagtugtog og piano/pagtukar og piano
5. Reading books - pagpabasa og libro
6. Jogging - pag-jog
7. Internet surfing - pag-surf sa internet
8. Farming - pag-uma
9. Gardening - pananom/pag-garden
10. Watching movies - pagtan-aw og sine

The common conversation goes like this:

A:  Unsay imong kalingawan/mga kalingawan?
B:  Ganahan ako magbasa og mga novels/mga libro.

You can practise this dialog with someone and just simply substitute the answer with the appropriate 'kalingawan.'

Kita na lang ta sa sunod leksiyon.

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