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Monday, November 21, 2011

Cebuano Grammar: How to Introduce Yourself in Cebuano

One way to endear oneself to the locals is to establish rapport with them.  To start this process, it is good to give some information about yourself, just a tad.  You will be able to slowly worm yourself into the community and win the trust of the locals.  So let's start this short lesson.

I am Andy.
Ako si Andy.

I am from New York.
Taga-New York ko.  (Taga + place tells someone's place of origin)

I am still single. 
Ulitawo/Daga pa ko.  (mental applause / people will start finding you a partner :-)/Ulitawo is a single male while Daga is a single female.) Filipinos have a tendency to matchmake, so if you don't want to be teased or paired with someone of the opposite sex, you can omit this information.

I am 30 years old. 
Traynta anyos ko.
(In expressing one's age, use the Spanish numbers, because the Cebuano equivalent is quite wordy)

I am an engineer.

Usa ako ka engineer.

I still suggest that you be careful in giving away too many information about yourself, especially the sensitive ones, this basic autobiographical information is good enough.  Just stating one's name is enough also.  Thus you can say:

Maayong buntag, (Good morning)

Ako si Andy.  (I am Andy.)

Practice these simple statements and you're set.

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