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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Conversation: Greeting and Saying Farewell in Cebuano

Generally, there are two kinds of greetings in Visayan: formal greeting and informal greeting.

I. The formal greeting goes like this:

A. Maayong buntag.
Good morning

B. Maayong buntag, sab
Good morning, too.

A. Kumusta?
How are you?

B. Maayo man. Ikaw?
Fine. You?

A. Maayo sab.
Fine also.

You can substitute 'maayong buntag" with the following:

Maayong udto (noon or lunchtime)
Maayong hapon (after lunch, between 1 and 6)
Maayong gabi-i (evening)

II. Greeting Informally:

A: Asa ka moadto?
Where are you going?

B. Diha lang sa mirkado.
Just there at the market.

Ikaw, asa ka moadto?
What about you, where are you going?

A. Moadto ko sa opisina.
I’m going to the office

B. Diin ka gikan?
Where have you been? (the direct translation to English still cannot
be identified, but this is the closest)

A. Sa balay.
From the house

B. Sige, magkita na lang ta..
Okay, See you.

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