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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Tell Time in Cebuano or Visayan Part II

Time-telling, just like in English can be a mouthful for learners of Visayan or Cebuano language.  One of my readers, Jason, requested for me to also give the other numbers or ways that Cebuanos or Visayans read or tell time.

Study the following: 

It's 10:10.
Alas diyes-diyes na.

It's 10 past 10.
Diyes minutos pasado alas-diyes na.

Minutes - minutos
past - pasado

It's 3:20.
Alas tris-baynti na.

It's 20 past 3.
Baynti-minutos pasado alas tris na.

It's 1:30.
Ala-una y midya na.

Half-time or 30 minutes - midya ora 
and - y (Spanish; pronouned as i in igloo)


and half - y midya

It's quarter to 5./It's 15 to 5.
Kinsi minutos para alas-5 na.

The skill set needed here is mastery of the Spanish numbers.  Once you have mastered that, time-telling will be peanuts for you.

Enjoy practicing.   Hangtud sunod natong panagkita.  Ayu-ayo.

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