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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cebuano Situationer: How to Ask and Give the Time in Cebuano

This topic is really going to tackle about the use of Spanish numbers in Cebuano/Visayan Language situationers.  Here's the basic question:

Pangutana (Q):   Unsang orasa na?
                          What time is it?

Tubag       (A):   Alas-otso na. (sa gabi-i)
                          It's 8:00.  (at night)

in the morning        - sa buntag
in the afternoon     - sa hapon
noon                     - sa udto

O'clock                 - Alas  (pluralized Spanish word to mark time)
                                Ala  (singular marker for time, used only for the first hour so, ala-una)

You can substitute your answer with the following:

one         -  una                                       seven  -  siyiti
two         -  dos                                       eight   -  otso
three       - tres                                        nine    -  nuybi
four        - kwatro                                   ten      -  dyis
five         - singko                                    eleven -  onsi
six          - says                                        twelve - dusi

Simply put alas before dos to dusi.  Use ala only for una, as it is a singular marker. 

You may listen to the sample dialogue here

1 comment:

  1. Can u please also add how to say other times. For example 8:30, 6:45, 11:07, 5:15, etc. Thank u very much :) (p.s. u accidentally wrote trisi instead of dosi for twelve) :)