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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cebuano Grammar: How to Ask What Someone is Doing (on-going activity)

                                                 Dodong:  Unsay imong gibuhat?
                                              What are you doing?

                                Inday:  Naglaba ug mga *sinina.   Ug ikaw?
                                          Washing clothes.  And you?

                            Dodong:  Nagkaon ko ug pan.
                                            I’m eating bread.

*sinina - clothes

In this lesson, Dodong is asking Inday what she is doing.  You already had a lesson on how to ask someone what he/she did,   The same question is used but the time expression is missing in this question because it is on-going.  You can always add karon which means now.

Pay attention to the form of the verb.  There is a prefix 'nag',   The root word is only laba and kaon.

Replace the verbs with the following:

                 luto ug paniudto       -  cook lunch
                 tan-aw ug TV           -  watch TV
                 dula ug scrabble       -  play scrabble

You are probably wondering what ug is.  Just analyze what comes after ug, is there an equivalent of this in your language?  What do you think is the function of ug in the sentences?

Ug has other uses, but in the preceding sentences, it is used as an object marker.  In some languages, it is not present in their grammar. 


  1. So ug is a verb to noun linker? How else may it be used besides "and"? Salamat!

  2. Hi,

    I will discuss that in the coming lessons. Thank you for reading my lessons.