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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cebuano Grammar: Negating Ideas in Cebuano: How to use "wala"

Another way of expressing negation in Cebuano is by using "wala."  Study the following:

Walay kwarta  (no money)
Walay uyab (no girlfriend/boyfriend)
Walay trabaho (no job)
Walay tawo (no one/no person)
Walay oras (no time)

What word is used to negate the existence of something?
What links between the negative word and the object or noun?
Can you make similar expressions?

Now, let's add an actor or subject to the expressions.

Wala koy kwarta.  (I have no money.)
Wala siyay uyab.  (He/she has no sweetheart.)

 Now, study the differences between the first set of sentences and this second set.  Where is the placement of the linker 'y'?  Can you now create a general pattern as to the placement of the linker "y"

Walay trabaho si Tony.  (Tony has no job.)
Walay tawo sa kwarto.  (There is no one in the room.)
Walay oras ang manager karon.  (The manager has no time now.)

In this set of sentences,  where is the location of the subject in the first sentence?  How about in the last sentence?

Can you make your own sentences now?

How about giving the following sentences in Cebuano.  Send your answers to

1.  I have no job.
2.  There is no one in the house.
3.  I have no time now.
4.  Mike has no money.
5.  The manager has no sweetheart.

If you get the 5 sentences correctly, you get one hour free lesson.    Add my Skype: mercemony.

Sige.  Magkita na lang ta sa Skype.

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