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Monday, June 11, 2018

Do you know these two Cebuano words? Kusog vs Isog

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Everybody loves a cup of strong coffee.  It keeps us awake if we need to be up all night and to some people, coffee is their best companion.  They need caffeine to survive.  We are a family of coffee drinkers.  I was introduced to coffee before the age of ten and I would say..when it comes to coffee, "the bitter the coffee, the better it is," if you catch my drift.  I like it strong, black and bitter.  

How do we say 'strong coffee' in Cebuano?

isog nga kapi  

Basically isog is used for intensity/strength.

Can I use isog to describe a 'strong man'?

In the case of men or humans, isog refers to bravery.  Therefore a 'brave man' is:

isog nga tawo.

So what can we use to refer to human strength?  We use the word: 'kusgan' which is the word for 'loud' and 'strong'.  Therefore a strong man is:

kusgan nga tawo.

Can I use kusgan for coffee?  No.   Because kusgan refers to muscle power. 

It pays to know what to describe as isog and kusog because it can sound awkward if you describe something as loud instead of being brave.    

Therefore, make my coffee isog, not kusog.  I will never have it another way...unh-unh...just don't try. 

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