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Saturday, March 24, 2018

How do you say You Drive Me Crazy in Bisaya?

I always require my students to submit a homework after every lesson and it so happen that I asked one of my learner to create a journal of any particular day that she found interesting.   The next meeting, she was very eager to share her homework.  She did very well in the first paragraphs, (with a few minor errors which I can ignore).  However, I could not overlook one glaring error:  When she wrote:  Buang kining adlawa for This day was crazy,  I just had to correct her.  

We cannot say Buang kining adlawa because typically, in Binisaya, buang is only used to refer to a person who is crazy.  If you want to say This day was crazy. you can say:  Makabuang ning adlawa or Buanga ning adlawa, but not Buang kining adlawa. A literal translation is not applicable in this situation. 

In the same way that when someone says You drive me crazy, in Binisaya, it is translated to Mabuang ko nimo.   Literally it means:  I will become crazy because of you.   

So when life drives you nuts, you can say, OMG, Mabuang ko.    

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