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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cebuano Language: A Morbid Topic

Simbako ka diha --  whenever death becomes a topic, you will hear this expression.   There is no real meaning to it; it is just used similar to the expression in English:  Heaven forbid.   
To Filipinos, the topic of death is considered morbid so they avoid talking about it.  It's just that people are afraid to let go of their loved ones to death.  

Here are some related vocabularies:   A dead person is called patay or minatay.  He is placed in a lungon (coffin).  People would attend his haya (wake) for roughly one week or could be less than 7 depending on the preference of the bereaved family.   The family prepares coffee and other snacks for those who would be in the haya (wake) and would bilar (stay up all night).  

After 7 or less days, the patay (deceased) will be ilubong (buried) at the minteryo (cemetery).    Nowadays, cremation has become common.  So most families cremate their patay (deceased.)  Anyway, this has become scary already.   Till next topic folks.

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