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Friday, April 28, 2017

Video Translation 2: Hala ang Kabaw! (Oh my God, the Carabao)

This is my second attempt to translate a video.  I chose this mainly because it is in Visayan.  Secondly, there are some useful vocabulary and useful grammar that would supplement the knowledge of learners.  Third, even if it is an amusing video, the vocabulary here is useful during emergency and urgent situations.  

There is only one speaker in the video, so it is easy to translate and the content is purely of human interest.    

S:  Hala, kaluoy sa carabao.
OMG, the poor carabao.

Ayaw lang og labang 'kul, luoy kaayo ang carabao, o.
Don't cross 'cle*, the carabao looks so pitiful, see.

O, kusog kaayo ang baha, molabang ka.
See, the current is very strong, and you'll cross?

Di lagi na kalabang 'kul, luoy kaayo na imong kabaw.
That really can't cross, 'cle*.  Your carabao is going to suffer.

O, dako kaayo ang baha o, basin maanod pa ka 'kul.
See, the water is very high, see, you might be carried away 'cle*.

Maluoy ka sa imong kabaw, hala. hala, hala, hala, hala, hala ayaw
na lagi ug labang 'kul*.  
Have pity on your carabao, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, please don't cross 'cle*.

Hala, ang kabaw.  
Oh my God, the carabao.

Hala ang tawo, ang tawo, ang tawo 
Oh my God, the man, the man, the man.

Tabangi ninyo, tabangi ninyo.
Help him, help him,

Hala kaluoy sa kabaw.  Hala.
Oh my God, the poor carabao.  Oh my God.

*'cle/kul" -  is short for "uncle or angkol" (spoken in local pronunciation)  In some areas in the Philippines, older and matured men, are addressed as 'uncle' which is usually shortened into kul, .  In Binisaya, the term is 'tiyo.'   

I welcome opinions and comments regarding my translation.  If you have a better version, do share it with me.  I would really appreciate it.

(Credits go to Irish Ong who uploaded this video in her Youtube Channel)..

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