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Monday, February 27, 2017

Ever wonder how you would say bump, bruise, black and blue?

Some people are very accident prone and they would get bruises in the process.  Whenever someone meets an aksidinti (accident), usually there are mga samad (injuries).   In the area that got hit into a hard object, it turns lagom (blue/black).  This part is tender and painful when pressed.  We call this tender part, bun-og (bruise, trauma, contusion)   

Sometimes, when a part of the body hit a hard object especially a protruding one, the tendency is for that part of the body to have a bukol (bump).  Nabukulan ka, (you got a bump.) 

However, the word we use to refer to blue is bughaw or asul;  and in Bisaya, sometimes, we usually relate a color to an object.  For example, we can use kolor-dagat to refer to blue, kolor ubi to refer to violet or purple, kolor-kapi to refer to brown.

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