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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How to Greet Your Father on Father's Day

For the sake of fairness and equality, let me give tribute to our fathers.  As you all probably know already, the third Sunday of the month of June is dedicated to Fathers, however we might call them, Daddy, Dad, Papa, Pop, etc.  Let's always remember that fathers make the picture of a family complete and fathers have many roles in our lives.  To some of us, our fathers are our first teachers, first playmates, and our protectors,  

What are some of your fond memories of your father?  I'll always remember how my father would help me with my projects in school. Have you ever thought of the things you appreciate about your father?   

Here's how you greet your father on Father's Day:

Maayong pagsaulog sa Adlaw sa mga Amahan/Malipayong Adlaw sa mga Amahan - Happy Father's Day.

Other useful expressions:

Palihog dawata ang akong gamay nga pahalipay - Please accept my simple present.

What are some useful gifts we can give to our Papa or Dad?

1. Wallet -- pitaka
2. Handkerchief - Panyo
3. Socks - midyas
4. Perfume/cologne - pahumot
5. cap - kawo
6. towel - tuwalya

How did you celebrate Father's Day? Please share them with us:

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