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Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Japanese Introducing Himself in Cebuano

He studied under last year.  This is what he was saying in Cebuano:

Good Afternoon.   I am (Name withheld) Please call me (withheld).  I am 26 years old.   I'm single and I'm looking for a girlfriend now.   I am from Saitama,  Japan.  Saitama is near Tokyo.  I was a student in Tokyo Japan.  I studied about the environment and biotechnology for four years. I will work in the municipality of Pilar in Bohol.  I'm an environmentalist.   I want that the garbage in Bohol and Philippines be reduced.  I want to develop the Takakura composting system because in the Takakura composting system garbage can be reduced in just one day. I want to share how you can use and how you can make the Takakura composting system.  I am happy to have come to the Philippines and I will do my best in Pilar.   That's all.  Thank you. 

You can see the entire introduction here:

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