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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Say Flea, Lice and Tick in Cebuano

In this lesson, I would like to teach about Cebuano terms for common parasites (parasito).   Parasito is really very seldom used because people would rather use the exact term instead.  

If you are about to eat, please forgo this lesson so that you will not feel queasy and throw up.  You can study them after eating.  And study them only if you think that these terms are useful and relevant to your stay in the Philippines.  

Here are some useful terms:

1. flea- pulgas
2. flea-ridden - pulgason
3. kuto - lice
4. lice-ridden - kutoon
5. tick - karapata


1. Daghan og pulgas ang akong iro.
    My dog has lots of  fleas.

2. Pulgason ang akong iro.
    My dog is flea-ridden.

3. Ang mga bata nga adunay kuto angay nga tambalan.
Children who have lice should be treated.

4.  Adunay mga kutoon nga mga bata sa kabalayan.
There are many lice-ridden kids in the neighborhood. 

5.  Panangtangon sa akong amahan ang mga karapata sa akong iro kung aduna siyay oras.
My father would pull the ticks from my dog whenever he has time.

If ever you will be tempted to eat from street vendors, always think first if you have all your shots that will protect you from any 'parasito' that might cause illnesses.    Ayo-ayo...   

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