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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cebuano Essential Grammar: Personal Pronouns

Pronouns are basically what you use instead of repeating the same noun, especially the subject of the statement, with the statement.   Basically, the use of personal pronouns in Cebuano is just how you would use them in other languages.    Here are the Cebuano personal pronouns.  They are spoken the way they are spelled.  But /a/ should be the /a/ in father and the /o/ should in the /o/ in book.

I - Ako, ko

You - Ikaw, ka

He/She - Siya

We (you and I) - Kita

We (plural speakers) - Kami

You (plural) - kamo

They - Sila

Let's try using them in sentences:
Analyse what is missing in each sentence when they are written in Cebuano.

I am a teacher.
Maistra ako.
Maistra ko.

I am a Filipino.
Filipino ako.

She is a Filipino.

Pilipino siya.  

We (you and I) or We (plural speakers and plural listeners) are foreigners.
Mga banyaga kita.

We (only plural speakers) are teachers. 
Mga magtutudlo kami. 

You are foreigners.
Mga banyaga kamo.

They are Filipinos.
Mga Pilipino sila.

Try making your own sentences with the help of the above examples.  Happy studying.

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