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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cebuano Grammar Feature: Possessive Pronouns

Study the following examples:

my name
akong ngalan

your job
imong trabaho

his name
iyang ngalan

our house (inclusive of listener)
atong balay

our house
among balay (exclusive of listener)

your family (pl.)
inyong pamilya

their hobbies
ilang kalingawan

What are the basic possessive pronoun? What is added to them in order to show ownership of something? What is the position of this set of possessive pronouns?

Going back to the question words (which is a few entries back) Try making this question:

What is your name?

What = unsa
your name = imong ngalan

Let's connect them: Unsay imong ngalan?

(Native speakers say: Kinsay imong ngalan? but for the purpose of learning to create questions, let's use Unsay imong ngalan, which is not only logical but perfectly acceptable)

Now, there is another feature that you will learn, this is the y linker and it is another grammar feature in Visayan.

Now, practice turning these questions into Visayan:

What's his name?

What's your job?

What are their names?

What are their jobs?

You have already learned how to pluralize nouns as well as learned that "be verb" is absent in Visayan.

This will be tackled further if you enrol in my online classes. See you around for the next lessons.

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