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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cebuano Essential Grammar: The conjunction 'o'

Coordinating conjunctions are used to combine two ideas with the same importance.  In Cebuano, there are two coordinating conjunction:  And (ug) and or ( o/kun).  I am more at ease in using 'o' rather than 'kun.'  

Read the following:

apples or mangoes?>
mansanas o mangga?

Manila or Cebu?

Manila o Cebu?

chicken or fish?

manok o isda?

soccer or basketball?

soccer o basketball?

male or female?

laki o bayi?

yes or no?
O o dili? 

Let's try using these in context:

What do you want to eat:  chicken or fish?
Unsay imong gusto kaonon:  manok o isda?

Just simply substitute with applicable words.

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