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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cebuano Expressions and Visayan Phrases: How to Avert Unwanted Attention

No one wants to be ridiculed at and no one wants to be oogled at, or at least I know that's the normal behavior, unfortunately, some people can't even just discipline themselves and simply throw furtive glances at other people's directions.  They have to show that they are literally salivating and this can be gross and yucky.  If you happen to be in a room with Mr. Too-close-for-Comfort or Mr.  You-may-want-to-close-your-mouth, and find them overwhelming, here are some useful expressions that you can say. 

Please don't be rude.
Palihug, ayaw pagbinastos.

I don't like you.         
Dili ko ganahan nimo.

Go away.                  

I am married.             
Minyo na ko.

I have a boyfriend.
Naa koy uyab.

Please don't bother me.
Palihug ayaw ko samuk-samuka.

I am getting annoyed.
Naglagot na gyud ko.

The best thing to do is still to try not to attract attention.  Keep your dressing style down. And this goes for both male and female.   For ladies, if possible, avoid blouses that show much skin like plunging necklines and short shorts.   If you are in public swimming areas, always drape something over you.  It may not be the style you are used to but it is best to be sexy and alluring in private areas like condo pools or five-star hotels and resorts.   Just follow common sense and you may not have to use the above listed expressions.  In the Philippines, being over-dressed is acceptable.

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