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Monday, February 24, 2014

Cebuano Vocabulary: Mga Parti sa Lawas (Parts of the Body)

One of the things that a language learner needs to know is knowledge about one's physical state and how to express bodily conditions.  It is one of the basic knowledge in language learning.   When we were kids, we learned about body parts through some rhyming songs.  If you can recall the songs that made you learn the body parts, whether it was in your native language or another language, you will realize that it made a big difference in your language learning.  For now, let me just introduce to you the necessary parts of the body that you need to know.  You can use the fade away method when you memorize them: 

Parts of the Head                                               Mga Parte sa ulo

 face                                             nawong
 forehead                                      agtang
 eyebrow                                      kilay
 cheek                                           aping
 ear                                                dunggan
 eye                                               mata
 eyelashes                                     pilok
 forehead                                       agtang
 hair                                              buhok
 mouth                                          baba
 lip                                                ngabil
 nape                                             tangkugo
 nose                                             ilong
 tongue                                          dila'
 tooth                                             ngipon
 chin                                               suwang
 neck                                              liog
 pimple                                           bugas
 acne                                               apunggod
 dimple                                           kandiis

Expressions pertaining to health:

Q:  Unsay problema?  

      What's the matter? 

 A: Sakit ang akong  _______________________.
                                  (name of body part)
     My ___________ is aching.
          (name of body part)

You can practice by putting a body part on the blank.  This is mastery by substitution.

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