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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cebuano Vocabulary: How to Describe Food Tastes in Cebuano or Visayan

In my previous posts, I gave examples of common food items and common fruits and vegetables.  I also gave simple expressions regarding food.  If you are an observant person, you will notice that we Filipinos are big in eating and in food.  We eat over five times a day. Some may not have enough food to eat but that does not diminish their love and passion for eating.   When you find yourself eating with a Cebuano, it would be a big help (as well as a shocker) for you to use simple descriptive words to describe what you are eating.  Here are words that would help you describe how a something tastes. 

delicious/  -     lamian

sweet        -     tam-is

spicy        -      halang (ha-ang; omit /l/ and prolong the                             second (a) sound)

sour         -       aslum

bitter        -       pa-it

salty        -        parat   

flavor/     -        lami

Can you tell the taste of each of the following?


Let's practice these words by asking someone the taste of something.

Here's how to ask someone how a certain food tastes.

Q:   Unsay lami sa _____________?
       What's the taste of _________?

A:   __________ kini.
      It's ___________.

      __________ ang __________.
    __________ is ____________.


Let's have an example:

Q:  Unsay lami sa kapi?
      What's the taste of coffee?
      How does coffee taste?

A.  Pait kini
      It's bitter.

      Pait ang kapi.
      Coffee is bitter. (If you examine the structure, you will notice the position of the topic as well as the word that describes the topic. This is how a simple descriptive statement in Visayan is structured.)


Find someone you can practice this with until you gain mastery of the structure and the vocabulary.


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