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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gitik-gitik Taym: Komidyang Bisaya (Visayan Joke)

Hi avid readers and lovers of Cebuano language, I am introducing a new segment of my lessons so that you can get a feel of Visayan jokes, stories, and other types of literature.  I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Sa dihang 80 anyos na si Butsoy...

When Butsoy turned 80 years old....

KADYO : Unya, mga guapa sila pre, mga sexy

Well, are they gorgeous, buddy? all sexy?

BUTSOY : Aw oo oy, mga guapa ug sexy, apan pareho

pareho man silag nawong tanan ... mga *nawong og 


Of course, all gorgeous and sexy, but they all have the same 

faces...faces of gold-diggers.

*When someone is called 'nawong ug sapi' it means that person is always after of money, literally, it means face of money.

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