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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cebuano Grammar: How to Negate Ideas in Cebuano

In the previous entries, we have created simple descriptive sentences. Here are some of them:
Daku ang balay.
(The house is big.)

Lawum ang dagat.
(The sea is deep.)

Gamay ang tindahan.
(The store or the shop is small.)

Nindut ang buwak.
(The flower is pretty.)

Buotan ang tawo.
(The man is kind.)

Now, give the negations of the sentences above in English.

The house isn't big.
The sea isn't deep.
The store (or the shop) isn't big.
The flower isn't pretty.
The man isn't kind.

How do we say these negative English sentences in Cebuano?  Study the following:

Dili daku ang balay. 
Dili lawum ang dagat.
Dili daku ang tindahan.
Dili nindut ang buwak.
Dili buotan ang tawo.

What is added at the beginning of the sentences above?   How different is it from a positive descriptive sentence?

Right.  We simply add the negative word "Dili"

Now, you can try making your own negative descriptive sentences.   

If you have any question, simply leave a message at the chat box and I will try to answer it.

See you next ish!

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