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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cebuano Essentials: Expressing Basic Needs Part III

From our previous lessons, you now know how to express what you want and what you need.  In this lesson, you will know how to express what you like and what you like to do.

The word for like in Cebuano is ganahan.  As we all know, ganahan is used to generally tell things that we prefer or like such as:

I like fruits.

In Cebuano you say:  Ganahan ko ug prutas.

Let us study the structure of this sentence:

In which part of the sentence can you find ganahan?
What comes after it?  The word "ko." Do you know what is the function of ko in this sentence? It is the subject and actor in the sentence.

Study these other sentences:

Ganahan si Tony ug basketball.      Tony likes basketball.
Ganahan ang bata ug kendi.           The child likes candy.
Ganahan sila ug gulay.                    They like vegetables.

As you know, the words after "ug" are the direct objects.  In English, they are the object of the verbs.  They answer the question:  "what"

Can you identify the objects in the sentences above?   The objects are:  basketball, candy, and vegetables.

Can you change the following in Cebuano?

1. She likes pastries.
2. Joe likes computer games.
3. You like peanuts.
4. He likes beer.
5. I like sports.

If you think your answers are correct, you can send me the answers so that I can check them.  Our next lesson will be about expressing things that we like to do, need to do and want to do.

Magkita na lang ta!  Ayu-ayo!

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