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Saturday, May 30, 2009

13 Survival Sentences for Tourists

If you plan to take a trip to a Visayan-speaking area, the following expressions will come handy. If you want me to add other useful expressions for travelers, just leave a comment and I will be more than glad to add them on the list for you.

1.  Where is the bathroom?
Asa man ang CR palihug? (CR stands for Comfort Room)

2.  I apologize.
Pasaylo-a ko. (formal)

3.  I am sorry.
Pasensya (informal)

4.  Can you speak English?
Makasulti ka ug Ininglis?

5.  Can you say it again?
Usba palihug/Puydi nimo usbon pagsulti?/Unsa to palihug?

6.  I don’t understand.
Wa ko kasabot.

7.  Is there a toilet near here?
Naa bay CR duol dinhi?

8.  Where can I buy batteries for my camera?
Asa ko makapalit ug baterya para sa kamira?

9.  Please take my picture.
Palihug kuhai ko ug litrato.

10.  May I take your picture?
Mahimo bang kuhaan taka ug litrato?

11.  Write it down please.
Isuwat palihug.

12.  How do you read this?
Unsaon man kini pagbasa?

13.  How do you eat this?
Unsaon man ni pagkaon?

photo from: nationalgeographic

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