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Monday, June 4, 2018

Mag-break ta: Gitik-Gitik Dyutay...(Let's have a break. A LittleTickling) A Short Visayan Joke

One of the tests that I do to see if the learner has enough knowledge and understanding of Cebuano is to give a simple joke in Visayan.  If he can appreciate the joke and find it funny, then I am confident that he can survive living in a Cebuano-speaking place.  

Some of the words need translation in this joke:  Here is the translation:

Grandfather:  Grandchild, go hide because your teacher is here.  You were absent from school.
Grandchild:  Grandpa, go hide too because I told her I was absent because you died.

In Bisaya, many grandparent-grandchild jokes have been created.  This shows a cultural side of Filipinos.  Filipinos generally have close family ties.  And grandparents generally watch over kids especially when parents are in absentia.  

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