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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mg Bulok Sa Balangaw (Colors of the Rainbow)

When we were all kids in school, one of the most exciting and makalingaw (enjoyable) things that we learned is the names of the different Binisaya bulok (colors).  And the mga maistra (teachers) always started with the balangaw (rainbow)

So let me emulate my teachers and tell you what the mga bulok of the balangaw are in Binisaya.  But before that, let me tell you the correct pronunciation of the word bulok to mean color.  If you mispronounce this word, it will sound like you are calling the person dumb or unintelligent. So bulok that mean color is BU-lok.
bulok that means unintelligent is bu-LOK.

The mga bulok of the balangaw are the following:

Red - Pula
Orange - Kahil/Orins
Yellow - Yilu/Dalag
Blue - Asul/kolor-dagat
Indigo - Indigo
Violet - bayolit/kolor-ubi

Can you tell the colors of the following:

1. Banana Plant
2. Green apple
3. Yellow corn
4. Sea
5. Eggplant


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