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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Video Translation Number 1: Giuhaw sa Pagmahal Episode 1

For the many years that I taught Cebuano, my students would always ask me if there is any program that they can watch where they can test their listening comprehension and to this question I always answered negatively.   And then I discovered this production which I was thankful about. However, there were no subtitles to the lines in the teleserye.  I then decided to give it a try and translate it, in order to help some of my learners understand the storyline of the teleserye. 

I welcome opinions regarding my translation.  There were portions where I thought being literal works, but there are occasions where I think being literal is unacceptable.  

Giuhaw Sa Pagmahal is a Cebuano teleserye that was produced by Mr. and Mrs. Nonito 'Dodong' Limchua..written and directed by Mrs. Resty Jumao-as-Nur. Thank You for watching and reading!

The video opens with Lea, the main character, in the teleserye, singing in a singing contest.  The song is quite long, but you will enjoy Lea's beautiful melodic voice.

Male Emcee:  Mao kadto si Lea Delfin nga taga-Day-as Cordova.  (That was Lea Delfin who is from Day-as Cordova.)  Atong hatagan sa masibang pakpak.  (Let's give her a warm applause.

Female Emcee: Ang niguwa nga champion sa atong singing contest karong gabhiona, way lain ang inyong nadungog, si Miss Lea Delfin.  (The one who emerged champion in our singing contest tonight is no other than the one you heard, Ms. Lea Delfin.)

Next scene:  

Lola Pinang:  Santi, pagpuyo ra.  Naglabad baya ang akong ulo anang imong kalaki da. Naunsa ka ba?
(Grandma Pinang:  Santi, will you stop.  I'm having a headache with what you're doing,  What's with you?)

Santi:  Ma, kusog kaayo ang kuba sa akong dughan. 
(Ma, the pounding in my chest is very strong.) 

Grandma:  Ay kanimo, daog lagi tong akong apo.  Lea pa.
(Oh, you.  My grandchild will surely win.  We're talking about Lea here.)

Lea:  Lola Pinang! Papa Santi! 
(Grandma Pinang!  Papa Santi!)

Grandma:  Da, naa na lagi.   Naa na.
(See, she's already here.  She's here.)

Lea:  Lola Pinang!
(Grandma Pinang)

Lola Pinang:  Dia na.  Dali.  Atong sugaton.  Dia na.
(She's here.  Come.  Let's welcome her.  She's here.)

Lea:  Lola!
( Grandma!)

Lola Pinang:  Da, daan pa ko.  Nakadaog lagi gyud ang akong apo.
(See, I knew it.  My grandchild really did win.)

Leo:  Daog na sad La.
(She won again, Grandma.)

Lola Pinang:  Daog ka.
(You won.)

Papa Santi:  Daog na sad ka?
(You won again?)

Lea:  Daog na sad ko 'Pa.
( I won again, Pa.)

Leo:  Sus..Day Lea pa.
(Of Course, that's Day Lea.)

Papa Santi:  Anak.
(My child.) 

Lea:  Para inyo gyud ni 'Pa.  (Showing the trophy to her father)
(This is really for you, Pa.)

Papa Santi:  Mga pahalipay, anak.  (hugs Lea.)  Daog ang anak nako.  Liwat sa Papa.
(Congratulations, my child. My child won.  You take after your father.)

Grandma:  Oy, oy.  Pagaksa sad ko sa akong apo --
(Hey, hey, Let me hug my grandchild too.)

Papa Santi:  Mama o.
(Really, Mom)

Grandma:  -- nga nindot og tingog.
(-- who has a great singing voice).

Papa Santi:  Daog na sad ang imong kaluha.
(Your twin won again.)

Leo:  Day, ambi nang imong trophy day bi kay ato ning ihalad sa altar ha.
(Day, give me your trophy so that I will offer it in the altar, okay?)

Lea:  Ayaw lang sa altar dong kay special man na sila,  mga rebulto baya na sila.  Adto na lang ni ibutang sa akong kwarto.
(Not in the altar, Dong, because they are special. Remember they are statues.  Just put this in my room.)

Papa Santi:  Sigi na.  Dali na mo.  Manuod na ta. Dali.
(Okay.  Come on now,  Let's all go inside.  Hurry.)

Leo:  Na hala, sigi, sigi. sigi.
(All right.  Okay.  Okay.  Okay.)

Next Scene:

Ramil:  Promise, mommy.  Magtinarong na ko sa akong pag-iskuyla.  Please give me another chance.
(I promise, mommy, I will do well in my studies.  Please give me another chance.)

Mommy:  Well, dili ko lisod hangyoon, Ramil. But pls. keep this in mind. Last chance na ni nimo. Sa sunod higayon kung magbinuang ka sa imong pag-iskuyla --  
(Well, I am reasonable, Ramil.  But please keep this in mind:  This is your last chance.  Next time, if you ever don't take your studies seriously -- 

Ramil:  Dili na kana mahitabo mommy. Promise.  Dili na ko magbinuang sa akong pag-iskuyla.
(That will not happen anymore, mommy, I promise. I will take my studies seriously this time.)

Next Scene:

(Lea and Leo are doing the laundry)

Leo:  Di ka kinahanglan manumpa pa day, Kay nisalig mi nimo.  Nakahibawo mi nga di mi nimo pakyason.
(You don't need to make a promise, Day, because we trust you.  We know that you will not fail us.)

Lea:  Thank you, Dong.
(Thank you, Dong.)

Leo:  Hoy..ayaw sa pag-uyab-uyab, Day ha?  Iskwila pa ra ba ka.   Gwapa ra ba ka, o!   Sus.  Ayaw sa gyud panguyab.
(Hey, don't find a boyfriend yet, Day ha?  Remember that you are still studying.  You look pretty too. Don't accept suitors yet.) 

Next Scene:

Mommy:  Well, okay ra man ko ba kung manguyab ka, piro ang gusto kong imong panguyaban mao si Pauline.
(Well, it's fine with me if you'll court someone, but the one I want you to court is Pauline.)

Ramil:  Mommy sad, oy.  Ganahan gyud siya anang Pauline.
(Oh, Mom.  You really like that Pauline girl.)

Mommy:  Unsa man diay?  Maayo si Pauline tungod kay nakaila na ta sa iyang pamilya.  Ug usa pa parihas nato'g kahimtang.   Suhito na kaayo ta. Ug usa pa, pariha siya nato'g kahimtang.  Gwapa na, desente pa.
(Of course! Pauline is good because we already know their family.  And one more thing, we have the same economic status.  We are familiar with her.  And what's more, we have the same economic.  She's not only pretty, she's respectable.

Ramil:  Piro wala koy feelings para anang babayhana mommy.  Wa koy gusto niya.
(but I have no feelings for that girl, mommy.  I don't like her.)


I hope the translation helped you understand the video my friends., Till the next video.

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