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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Creative Ways To Learn A Language: Pinoy Henyo

Japanese students playing "Pinoy henyo" in a Cebuano/Binisaya class

A good language teacher should be skilled in making lessons less intimidating and more enjoyable.  It is a challenge for teachers to think of strategies to make lessons entertaining for students.  Let's not forget that there are many grammar items that learners need to master and use correctly.  Therefore, teachers should think of ways that students can practice grammar without being so conscious that they are practicing grammar.   Learning a language should be effortless for students.  Structures can be learned by applying them in games.  

One of the popular games that all Filipinos are familiar with is the "Pinoy Henyo."  There are many grammar items that students can practice when they do this game.  Doing the "Pinoy Henyo" can help students practice grammatical structures without consciously memorizing structures, because their goal is to win and express their thoughts.  Plus repetitive use of the structure helps learners master it, effortlessly.  

  In a classroom setting, there are many games that a teacher can think for students to master vocabulary and grammar structures.  A creative teacher can do research or even create his/her own games.  

Some games look so simple, but a language learner would really appreciate it if he can use it to supplement his learning.  Games reinforce knowledge.  The teacher should put himself in his learner's shoes and he will know if it works for his learner.  

However, the teacher still has to consider if his learner is the type who appreciates games.  Ask your learner if it's okay for him to have a short activity and make sure you process the activity after doing it.  Did he like it?  Why?  By doing this, the learner can understand why it was necessary for him to do the activity and you, the teacher will get insights and know what to do before and after each activity.  


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