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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Do You Know the following Cebuano Words?

Hi there all.  Here are words that we can use to describe a person with a certain physical disability.   Sometimes, you see them around you but there is no one around who can tell you that he/she is deaf, blind, lame, etc.  So here goes:    

deaf -  bungol 
(Beethoven was 'bungol', but despite this disability, he became a world famous musician.)

mute - amang

Our neighbor is mute, but he makes sounds through his throat.
Amang ang among silingan piro makahimo siya og mga tingog pinaagi sa iyang tutunlan.

Blind -  Buta

Love is blind and lovers can not see.
Buta ang gugma ug dili makakita ang manag-uyab.

Right-handed - tuohon
Left-handed - walhon

She is tuohon and he is walhon.  
Tuo is the word for right and wala is the word for left.  These last two words describe physical attributes and not about physical disabilities.  

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