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Friday, March 20, 2015

Some Funny But Useful Items You are Curious About

Filipinos are probably the most smell-sensitive group of people.  And if water is abundant, they would love to take a shower every day.  Well, considering the temperature especially during summer, who would not love taking a cool shower?   Here are some things that naturally happen in our bodies that you might be curious about as to their Cebuano terms. 

Our noses form this whenever we have a cold or sometimes they just form inside our nostrils.  It's nose wax. As kids, you would make funny things from it (whether some would admit it or not).
booger - kugmo.

Our teachers would call it the "morning star" because they like to stick at the inside of our eyes, at the tear ducts.  They are difficult to remove if you don't wash your face thoroughly in the morning:
eye crud/mote - muta.

After eating, tiny particles of food stick in between our teeth and they are so bothersome that we love  picking them with toothpicks:
tartar -  kiki.

They can be mild and unnoticeable sometimes, but could be strong and disgusting at other times.  Whichever degree of odor it has, no one wants to inhale it:
fart -  utot.

Another disgusting odor that Filipinos really hate is the strong anghit or body odor coming from under the armpits.  Having this is a death sentence.  People are likely going to avoid you if you have anghit.

This can be removed by simply using cotton buds and wiping our ears after bathing every day: 
earwax - atuli.

I will upload a recording next time so that you will know how each one is spoken.  Remember that you have to take a shower daily whenever you are in the Philippines.  Or wear a really good deodorant if you think you have 'anghit.'

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