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Friday, January 2, 2015

The Enclitic 'gani' Explained

A former learner asked me what is the real meaning of the word 'gani' because he often encounters this whenever he reads Visayan articles or stories.  In fairness to him, he keeps on practicing Visayan or Cebuano whenever his schedule permits him or whenever he has slack periods from his job.  Like other enclitics, 'gani' has many uses and meanings depending on the context that it is used.  Here are some of the  context that I could enumerate. If you think that there are other applicable usages, please feel free to contribute.  

1.  As "even" - For example:  

     He is so lazy, he can't even cook for himself.
     Tapulan kaayo siya, dili gani siya makaluto para sa iyang kaugalingon.

      (Note that 'gani' goes with 'dili' in this context.)

2.   To agree with somebody over a certain idea.

      A.  Maayo pa di na lang ta motambong sa salu-                salo kay hasol kaayo.
                       We'd better not attend the get-together                       because it's so bothersome.
      B.   Gani.
            Told you so.

3.  In scolding someone for being stubborn.

     A to B: Ayaw na lang gani paglimod kay nabisto ka na.
                Just don't bother denying because you've                   been caught (lying or other misdeed).
If there are other situations that you have seen or used 'gani' please feel free to put it here.  "Gani" is one of the words that have no direct translation in English, but have equivalent uses, like 'even.' 

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