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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pattern 4: Useful Patterns to Learn Cebuano Fast

In this entry, we will start putting together words that would create simple descriptive sentences.  This will be the first of a long series because there are many descriptive sentences that we can make.  Before we begin with the first one, let me first jog your memory a bit of the previous lesson we had which is the essential Cebuano vocabulary consisting of adjectives. Now, back in our elementary years, we were taught that adjectives describe nouns, and nouns are words that name objects, places, people, events and animals. We will first start with a simple pattern. However, let me first share a technique that I always advise my students: visualization.  Visualization is very important in putting our thoughts into words. Once you know the sentence pattern and you can visualize the sentence in your mind, it will be easy. Let me give you something to start with.

     +      si    +  

Malipayon                si              Justin.

In English, what we are trying to say is:    Justin is happy.  

That is not the structure in Visayan or Cebuano if you look at the sentence above.  I seriously advice people not to translate sentences from English, but rather go directly to visualizing and creating sentences, just like the one above we just did.  From the example above, we can create this formula:

Adjective   +   singular name marker   +  name 
for person                                             of person.

Let me review some of the adjectives I gave you in the previous entry:  

wealthy - adunahan/datu 

kind - buotan

tall- taas

honest - matinuoron

Can you create sentences using these adjectives and names of people you know?

Write your answers or sentences and leave them in the comment box.  Good luck!!!

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