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Saturday, January 31, 2015

How could he do that?

Sometimes you would encounter situations where you meet a person who is so terrible, you want to punch him.  But then being physical will not solve anything.  Better yet, tell someone in local language what you think of the person and why.    Here are some vocabularies to describe someone who is "dautan" (bad).

1) Rude - bastos 
Bastos ang mga laki nga 
managhoy sa mga babaying mangagi.

Men who whistle at ladies who pass 
by them are rude.

2) Unfaithful - maluibon
Kadaghanan sa mga laki maluibon.

Majority of men are unfaithful.

3. Abusive - dagmalan 
Dagmalan ang ubang mga mga 
ginikanan sa ilang mga anak.

Some parents are abusive towards their children.

4. Insult - Insulto
Usahay mainsulto nato ang uban 
nga wala nato nahibaw-i.

Sometimes we insult others 
without our knowledge.

5. Likes to make fun of others - Bugal-bugalon

Bugal-bugalon kaayo ang mga istambay sa tindahan.

The loafers loafing at the store 
make fun of others.

Please listen to the recording if you want to know how these words are spoken.

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