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Monday, December 29, 2014

Essential Cebuano Vocabulary: How to Describe People in Cebuano/How to Describe People in Visayan

We have so far studied three useful patterns of Cebuano sentences. Now, it is time for us to learn more content vocabulary.  How does one say kind, honest, sad, happy, tall, slim, rich in Cebuano or Visayan?  We need to know how to describe a person because these words are essential to our next sentence pattern.  What are the most common adjectives used to describe people?  Here are some of them:

kind - buotan/maayohon/maayo

honest - matinud-anon/matinuoron

sad- masulob-on/subo

rich - adunahan//datu

tall - taas/habog

happy - malipayon

If you want to know other adjectives that describe people, you simply use the most useful sentence in learning a language, which is:

Unsay Binisaya sa ____________________? 

What is Visayan for ___________________?

When you have mastered this, you can easily find  out useful vocabulary and phrases from the locals.

For more adjectives for people, click this link

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