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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Enclitics in Cebuano: The Enclitic ' baya' Explained

One of my former students wrote me to ask me what the enclitic 'baya' means.  See, sometimes, there are details in a language that has no direct translation in English and the enclitic 'baya' is one of them. Unfortunately, it is a common enclitic that locals use.  So, even if I very seldom tackle it in my lessons, I know that eventually, I will have to explain it.  

Like I said, 'baya' has no direct translation in English, however, this is how we would use it in the following situations:

1.)  Oh, geez -- baya (So instead of saying 'geez,'  you can say 'baya') I guess, we all know when the expression 'geez' is spoken or uttered.   

2)   A:  He ate the bread.                   A: Gikaon niya ang pan.
      B:  No, he didn't.                        B:  Wala baya.  (Remember that a finished action                                                              is negated using "wala")

3)  Palit baya og pan para sa pamahaw. (Person A is making sure that person B will not                                                                     forget the errand.)      
     Buy bread for breakfast, okay?

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