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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cebuano Vocabulary/Visayan Vocabulary: Symbols of Christmas: Mga Timailhan sa Pasko


One of the important events that Filipinos celebrate every year is Christmas and there are many symbols related to this particular celebration that become a common sight when the Christmas season begins, which usually is on September.  When the 'ber' months begin, the Christmas symbols  become common sight.  Among them are:

Christmas - Pasko  Ex.  Malipayong Pasko

Christmas Tree- Krismas tri 
The Christmas tree will never be complete without the Christmas lights

Santa Claus- Santa klaws 

Christmas gift - Pinaskuhan (Unsay akong pinaskuhan/Asa man akong pinaskuhan? Ayaw kalimti akong pinaskuhan (Don't forget my gift.)Is the usual banter among friends and relatives during Christmas.

Noche buena - Noche buena is the midnight feast; the big dinner that families share after the last misa de galyo or on Christmas Eve.

Midnight Mass - Misa di Galyo

Christmas lantern - Parol is the most local symbol of Christmas.

Three Kings - Three kings/tulo ka hari. The Christmas season officially ends on Jan 6th, the arrival of the three kings who will offer their gifts to baby Jesus.

Nativity - Belen 

Christmas carol - Daygon

Go Caroling - Manaygon

godmother/godfather - maninay/maninoy. Usually, young children go to their godparents on Christmas day.  The maninoy/maninay prepares his/her 'pinaskuhan' for his/her godchild. The godchild will greet his/her maninoy/maninay 'malipayong pasko' and puts the hand of his/her maninoy/maninay on his/her forehead.  After doing the customary 'bless' or 'amin' gesture, the maninoy/maninay will then give his/her gift, which could be in kind or cash.

Bless - 'amin' is a gesture of respect for elders that Filipino children would commonly do.  Occasionally, instead of doing the 'amin' the children just kiss their elders' cheek.

If you happen to be in the Visayas region during the Christmas season, get into the holiday spirit by using these words and expressions so that you will feel the traditional Christmas celebration in the Philippines.

Malipayong Pasko!  Asa akong pinaskuhan?

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