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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pattern 3: Useful Patterns to Learn Cebuano Fast

We have studied 2 patterns so far.  Do you still remember them?    I hope you do.  Now, I can't stress enough that in order to master a pattern, you should not only practice them orally, but write them down for a longer recall and spelling mastery.  Depending on the kind of student you are, these activities are very important.   An audio learner needs to hear the sound in order to imitate/mimic the word/expression; while a visual student wants to see the word/expression in its written form before he would attempt to use or speak it.  Another kind of learner is the kinesthetic learner.  This learner learns by acting out, performing or relating an action to a word/expression.  Without experiencing movement in relation to a concept, this learner will not understand nor recall the lesson fast.  So what kind of learner are you?

Now, let's study a new pattern.  

                 Dili            ako                 si  Miley.

           Not              I                      Miley.  

           Dili            siya                si  Selena.

           Not            he/she               Selena.

From the examples you will know that we are trying to negate sentences.  

Do you notice the position of the negative word?  What is it followed by?

Now, try stating the following in Cebuano.

She is not Katy Perry.
He is not Justin Beiber.
They are not Katy and Justin.  (Use sila for they)
We are not Katy and Justin.  (Use kita for we (inclusive)

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