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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Essential Cebuano Vocabulary: Things inside the Bedroom

How serious are you in learning Cebuano?  Have you tried all the language learning techniques?  Do you know the strategies that work?  I have always advised my learners to label all items inside their kitchens or inside their bedrooms so that they will unconsciously learn the words that they commonly use.  Mastery of vocabularies is a great help in language learning.  If you can master many vocabularies daily, you will be speaking faster sooner than you expect because you will just be stringing them all to form one meaningful statement.   Here are the common items you will find in the bedroom.  You may listen to the recording for proper pronunciation guide.

Bedroom - kuwarto

 Bed - katri

Blanket - habol

 Chair - siya

 Cabinet - kabinit/closet - kabinit sa mga sanina

 Bed sheet/Bed cover - kubri kama

 Pillow - unlan

 Mirror- samin

 mosquito net- moskitiro

Small table - lamisita

 Mat - banig

Let's put these words in context:  Study this simple sentences.  You can extend these sentences later on.  

(Nag)kinahanglan ko og banig.
I need a mat.

(Nag)kinahanglan ko og unlan.
I need a pillow.

(Nag)kinahanglan ko og katri.
I need a bed.

(Nag)kinahanglan ko og lamisita.
I need a small table.

(Nag)kinahanglan ko og samin.
I need a mirror.

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