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Monday, July 28, 2014

Visayan/Cebuano Cardinal/Counting Numbers: A Simple Application

This is just a simple application of Visayan/Cebuano cardinal/counting numbers which we have already studied a few entries past.   I included a simple application for it and you can also apply it in your own situation.

1  usa                                                               6 says
2  duha                                                             7 pito
3  tulo                                                              8  walo
4  upat                                                             9  siyam
5  lima                                                           10  napulo

For correct pronunciation, click here. 

There's a dog.
Naay usa ka iro.

There are two cats.
Naay duha ka iring.

There are three birds.
Naay tulo ka langgam.

There are four water buffalos.
Naay upat ka kabaw.

There are five eagles.
Naay lima ka agila.

There are six horses.
Naay unom ka kabayo.

There are seven hens.
Naay pito ka himungaan.

There are eight cows.
Naay walo ka baka.

There are nine tarsiers.
Naay siyam ka tarsiers.

There are ten crocodiles.
Naay napulo ka buaya.

Listen to this recording for correct pronunciation.
You may create your own sentences and you can leave them in the comment box. 

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