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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cebuano Vocabulary: How to say the names of colors in Cebuano

Colors are useful in describing objects.  They play an important role in a language so it pays to learn the names of colors when you are learning a new language. Here are some common colors in Visayan or Cebuano that would be good to remember so that you can use them effectively. 

Yellow - dalag/yilo

Blue - asul/bughaw

Red - pula

Green - birdi

Orange - urins/kahil

Violet - kolor ubi/bayolit

Black - itum

 Brown - kolor tsokolati/brawn

Gray - kolor abo

Pink - rosas

White - puti

Study the following:

 white cat - puti nga iring
 blue sea  - asul nga dagat
 pink shoes - sapatos nga rosas/sapatos nga pink
 green leaf - birdi nga dahon
 red rose -  pula nga rose
 black coffee - itom nga kapi
 yellow hose - yilu nga balay

Can you tell the position of the color and the object it describes?  What comes between them?  'nga' is called a linker.  

Try applying what you have just learned in the objects around you. 

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