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Friday, December 13, 2013

Cebuano Vocabulary: Mga Sakop sa Banay (Members of the Family)

In the Philippines, the smallest unit of society is the family and about 30-100 families is the minimum number that may consist a barangay and the barangay is the smallest administrative division.   Family ties is so tight in the Philippines that when a man marries a girl, he also marries the entire family.  Traditionally, a man's involvement with his in-laws begins in the courtship stage where he has to impress or even court the entire family.  In extreme cases, he will have to render services in the home of the woman and do errands or chores for the family.  In doing this, he gets the nod of the entire clan becomes invited to clan reunions and other family gatherings and get-together.  There are two family types in the Philippines, the nuclear family and the extended family.  I guess the description of each is pretty obvious.    Here are the related vocabularies which you can study beforehand and get familiar with.  

 Nuclear Family

 family     - pamilya/banay
 parents   - ginikanan
 mother   - inahan; honorific terms nanay, mama, mommy
 father     - amahan; honorific terms: tatay, papa, daddy
 children  - mga anak
 child       - anak 
 sibling     - igsuon
 sister       - igsuon bayi
 brother    - igsuon laki
 eldest       - kamagwangan
 youngest   -  kamanghuran

Filipinos love to ask about family backgrounds.  It is a way of establishing rapport and trust towards one another so it would be nice to use some local vocabularies in introducing your family to the locals.  Impress the locals of your knowledge of these vocabs.

Extended Family

Because of close family ties, Filipinos grow up knowing the other members of the clan. Unlike other modern societies who meet other clan members very rarely, in the Philippines, clan reunions are very common especially during special occasions like Christmas and All Saint's Day.    

Here are some vocabularies to help you in meeting the other members of the clan:

Grandparents  -  apuhan; honorific terms, lolo (grandpa)                                 lola (grandma)
Grandchildren -  mga apo
Grandchild      -   apo
Aunt               -   iyaan
Uncle             -    uyu-an
Cousin            -   ig-agaw
Nephew          -   pag-umangkon nga laki
Niece              -   pag-umangkon nga bayi

Our next lesson will be introducing your family.   For now, try to memorize or master these vocabularies. 

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