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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cebuano Words for Common Food Items (1)

Eating is an important component of socializing among Filipinos.  It is a ritual for all social events to include an eating portion.  Business meetings also finish with some refreshments or even a major meal.   An event is never complete without any sharing of thoughts over a simple or elaborate meal.  Filipinos eat more than five meals a day.   In the Visayas, they have a painit consisting of coffee with bread or local delicacy like puto, three meals a day and many in-between meal snacks.   Here are some useful vocabularies which you can use for meal times.  

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Akong paboritong pagkaon ang adobo.
Adobo is my favorite food.


Akong paboritong ilimnon ang iced tea.
My favorite beverage is iced tea.


Lami ang akong pamahaw.
My breakfast was delicious.


Unsay imong gipaniudto?
What was your lunch?


Asa man ta manihapon?
Where will we go for dinner?

Here are two questions  for you, my loyal readers.  I hope you will be able to answer them.
 A) How does a Cebuano invite someone to join him in his table (at the moment of speaking). 
 B)  If a Filipino invites you to join him at his table, would you immediately accept the invitation?  Defend your answer.    

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